Resources Of Online Spanish Lessons

Online Spanish lessons and other resources for learners provided to you by Online Spanish lessons – A great Spanish school in Mexico with Native professional teachers.. Owned by Spanish Teachers! – A great source for Spanish – A page of links written by a Spanish teacher from the USA – Create and share flash cards – More grammar – Drills, drills, drills – Great page for grammar and drills – A comic book originally from Chile – Speak Spanish like a Spaniard. Check out the TV programs – More media from Spain – Media from Agentina – A great radio station from Buenos Aires. – News from Bolivia – Radio from Chile. – Speak Spanish like a Colombian – Bilingual radio from the USA – A page of links with MANY radio station from Spain – Great site, offers FREE coures in MANY languages – Links to Spanish TV – The best talk radio from Chile, Many podcasts  – Media from Venezuela.  Check out what Chavez is up to. – A page with links to media in Latin America – A great page for slang from many countries – The Youtube for documents, search for Spanish books – Great site for Spanish chat – Offers Spanish chat and some free language courses – Site to find exchange partners – Newspaper from Chile – Newspaper from Chile with slang – Many radio stations from Mexico – Radio from Colombia – Radio from Costa Rica

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Please let us know about other resources for learing Spanish and we will list them here.