Spanish Lessons For Home School

Are you Homeschooling your child and need help with Spanish Lessons instruction?

Online Spanish Lessons are the perfect solution.

The Online Spanish lessons courses provided by the San Cristóbal Language School are based on The National Standards For Foreign Language established by The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).  The ACTFL is an internationally recognized authority on foreign language instruction. Our courses also follow state guidelines in covering level-appropriate standards.

The Online Spanish lessons curriculum:

  • helps students, read, write, speak, and listen for meaning through simple narratives
  • provides regular writing and speaking challenges, and games.
  • helps students also learn common vocabulary terms and phrases, grammar patterns and principles
  • teaches students about Latin culture.

At Online Spanish Lessons you get more than a well planned curriculum.  You student will have the chance to talk to a native Spanish speaker and will be motived to communicate in Spanish from the very first online spanish lesson.  While text based course have their place in Spanish language instruction there is nothing like speaking Spanish in real time with an experienced online Spanish Native speaking instructor.