Online Spanish Lessons

To know the program, a instructor and check how all this works, please try a one hour trial Spanish Skype lesson for free. We know that you will be happy at the end of this class, and we make it easy to sign up for more lessons. The lessons are excellent as introductory courses, refreshers, crash courses (before you go on vacation, for example), conversation lessons, or as an chance to study in depth any grammatical or other aspects of Spanish.

If you are an intermediate or advanced student you will enjoy talking about Latin culture with our instructors.  And if you liked the instructor you had for the trial class, you can keep him or her for the whole time!  Or if you want you can try a variety of teachers with different ways of teaching and accents.  And since we have instructors from different countries you can even practice listening to different accents and vocabulary.

All you need to start your free trial class is to email or Skype us to arrange the day and the time for your first class. Please contact use today and start speaking Spanish online with Skype!

Please note: Online Spanish Lessons and the San Cristobal Language School is located in the same time zone as Mexico City.